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Ak Investment in Brief

Ak Investment was established on December 11, 1996 to conduct capital markets activities in accordance with Capital Markets Law and relevant legislation provisions

Ak Investment is 100% Akbank T.A.Ş. affiliate, and has a paid capital of 80.000.000 TL. Growing consistently and rapidly since the day it was established, Ak Investment offers domestic and foreign capital markets products to the retail and the commercial customers with its experienced sales department, comprehensive research reports, and customer-oriented service approach. In scope of intermediation services for public offering, Ak Investment provides its customers with a range of services including pre-initial structuring for public offering, valuation, management of SPK (CMB) and BIST processes, management of public offering publicity and promotion campaigns, management of domestic and overseas marketing and sales. Since 2005, Ak Investment has successfully mediated numerous public offerings which worth over 3 billion US Dollars.

Ak Investment offers fast, reliable, investor-friendly and high quality services in all capital markets through its expert staff working in the headquarters and 10 offices located in major cities. “TradeAll” brand of Ak Investment allows easy, quick and secure transmission of all investor transactions in domestic and foreign capital markets.

Transaction Channels

  • TradeAll TR
  • TradeAll UP
  • TradeAll FX
  • Akbank Branches
  • Ak Yatırım Branches
  • Akbank Mobile
  • Instant Stock Exchange
  • Akbank Investor Mobile
  • 444 25 25 Akbank Phone Branch
  • Data Broadcasting Screens

Commercial Services

  • International Sales Transactions
  • Primary and Secondary Public Offerings
  • Block Sales
  • Intermediation for Private Sector Bonds and Bills Issuance
  • Valuation Reports and Consultancy
  • Emerging Companies Market (GIP)
  • Capital Markets Consultancy
  • Market Making
  • Market Consultancy

Retail Services

  • Stock and Futures and Options Markets Transactions
  • Short Selling and Securities Transactions
  • Securities (Stock Purchase) Loans
  • Intermediation for Public Offering
  • Private Portfolio Management
  • Private Sector Bonds and Bills Transactions
  • Investment Consultancy
  • Investment Funds
  • Government Bonds and Treasury Bills Transactions
  • Foreign Derivative Transactions
  • Leveraged Trading Transactions (KAS)
  • Emerging Company Market, SIP, Warrant and Certificate Transactions
  • Repo and Reverse Repo Transactions
  • International Futures Contracts
  • International CFDs
  • International Stocks and ETFs

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