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Corporate Action Services

Operations for Capital Increase

Brokerage and consulting services are provided for the transactions of rights issue, bonus issue and reverse stock split operations to issuer companies.

Dividend Payment

Brokerage and advisory services are provided for the issuer companies that will pay dividends to its shareholders.

Representation of Central Registry Institution

We offer services for the operations, carried out in Central Registry Agency, of issuer companies that has issued shares or debt securities registered in CRA within the scope of "Shared Responsibility Commitment". We are currently providing CRA services to 40 companies.

Wholesales Market Services

Brokerage and consulting services are offered for the transactions of equities above a certain amount with or without pre-determined buyers in the Wholesale Market of Borsa Istanbul (BIST)

Custody Services

Custody Services are provided for the capital market instruments that are registered on behalf and account of the customer with fair commisison rates.

Services for Lending and Borrowing Securities

Intermediary services are provided to the institutional clients who would like to borrow shares and ETF certificates at the amounts determined by the Custody and Settlement Bank (Takasbank) and approved by the Capital Markets Board (CMB) for a certain period or who would like to lend shares in order to gain on their steady portfolios in Takasbank Lending and Borrowing Market.

Transactions for Admission to Second National Market at Borsa Istanbul (BIST)

Quotation services in accordance with the principles set out by the CRA are provided to the shareholders of the public companies (except those being traded on the ECM) who would like to list their shares which are registered by the CMB but not trading on Borsa İstanbul following the payment of the registration fee to the CMB.

Transactions for Continuous Auction with Market Maker

The continuous auction with market maker method is applied to the securities listed on the Corporate Products Market (CPM). Exchange traded funds, warrants and equities of mutual funds with a publicly offered market capitalization value of less than TL 10 million for two consecutive quarterly review period are required to be traded via the continuous auction with market maker method. We provide services for the issuer companies within this context

Rights Coupon Market

Brokerage service is provided for rights coupon market, for both the rights that are not exercised and the shares to be sold at the primary market as a result of bonus or rights issue restrictions.

Tender Call Services for Publicly Traded Equity Shares

Intermediary services for mandatory or voluntary tender calls are provided within the regulatory framework of CMB, in an approach to protect rights of all shareholders including sister companies.


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